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Rendered Inc. - Bethesda Green's Newest "Be-Green" Business

Home of the Innovation Lab, Bethesda Green’s Be Green Business program works to cultivate innovative “eco-entrepreneurs” and incubate green business development to ensure compatibility between economic development and environmental protection. We also advise existing local businesses through B-Corps certification on best practices for sound governance, support for workers, and sustainability.

Bethesda Green’s Be Green Innovation Lab includes a suite of entrepreneurial programs to support green, social impact start-ups at all stages of their business life cycle. They invite everyone to join this active and engaged community of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, corporate and government partners, mentors, investors, and fellow changemakers. As a participant in the Lab, I've been thankful to receive numerous tangible and intangible benefits ranging from hands-on mentorship to a tailored curriculum. I've also had access to program-embedded social and environmental impact benchmarking and improvement tools via their Be Green for B Corps program.

Rendered Inc. is a sustainable solution for the clothing marketplace that works to combat large “fast-fashion” companies by vending quality & rare used apparel – and also educating our following about different sustainable practices. At Rendered Inc., we pride ourselves on being sustainable through many avenues. Primarily, our inventory- we vend quality clothing that we receive locally from thrift stores and consignment shops in the area. By doing so we are recycling clothes to a new home, developing a unique wardrobe and keeping clothes out of landfills. We host a number of programs and events to allow our customers and community to fulfill our mission of making the world a more sustainable place with every thrifted purchase. All-in-all, Rendered Inc. is a 100% Women-owned, Black-owned, College student-run social impact business that works to sell unique apparel vended from thrift stores & consignment stores in an effort to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. BIOS Saba Tshibaka is the Founder & CEO of Rendered Inc. A senior Economics major, with a double minor in General Business & Technology Entrepreneurship at The University of Maryland, she established Rendered Inc. at the age of 19. She found the intersection of environmental impact and a viable business plan in Rendered Inc., and has been focusing her business education on it ever since. Her vision for Rendered is to never let another item of clothing see a landfill or ocean. She believes she is a part of the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.  (LinkedIn)

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