*Choose this product option if you're looking for one set of supplies | If you'd like 2-4 masks worth of fabric, please choose this option (not 3 masks worth of supplies)*



Whats included:

  • Pre-cut Fabric (Two 20 CM x 20 CM pieces for mask)
  • Elastic Bands/Proper Alternative(Two 25-30 inch pieces for attachment to ear)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins (for guiding work)
  • Easy step-by-step instructions on how to construct mask found here


Not included but reccommended for a speedy process:


This is a DIY box for handmade face masks! These washable and reusable face masks are made from two layers of durable, breathable cotton, and stretchy elastic ear loops for comfort (in the ideal size and style for the average adult). Each mask comes with pocket for optional filter - filter not included but reccommended for additional protection.



Does this mask have a filter pocket? Filter Pockets or No Pocket, your choice! Instructions for sewing a mask with or without a filter pocket are included. In fact, it's only one step difference.


The CDC is now recommending that all Americans wear a face cover of some type when leaving to go outside. Please find more information about that here: Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19.


ORDER: Only four orders (max) per household. Our quantity is limited and we want to reach as many people as possible. 


WASHING: Please machine wash in cold water, mild detergent only and dry flat. We do not recommend bleach.


REFUND or EXCHANGES: Due to sanitary reasons, all masks are final sale and cannot be returned. We do not accept exchanges, returns or refunds on this item. If your order has already begun to be processed, you will not be allowed to cancel your order. Please make sure all your information is correct before placing the order.


***SHIPPING INFORMATION: FREE local no-contact deliveries can be made within a 10 mile radius of our manufacturing center. If you are located within 5 miles of "Rhode Island Row" (2300 Washington Pl NE, Washington, DC 20018) OR are located in N.E. or N.W. DC you will be able to recieve your mask at no additional cost. Please add drop-off location and phone number in box when checking out.


NEED ONE BUT CAN'T PAY FOR IT? Email us at rendered.inc18@gmail.com - We have a few reserved and we would love to get it to you.


Please stay safe!

Make Your Own Mask Kit

What shade would you like the fabric on the mask?
How many masks KITS would you like to order?
  • MASK ORDERS ONLY AT THIS TIME: We are operating under the "essential business" exception, so we are only making masks at this time. Please do not add any other items to your order (except pre-ordering your Rendered Box!) but feel free to donate to our team as we've all been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


    PLEASE, NO ORDER CHANGES: Our fabric selection is limited, and we will be introducing new fabric combinations as we source new fabric. We're making masks as fast as possible, and we only have one person to manage our order fulfillment process. Please do not request changes to your order. If you cancel your order to order a differnet color, you will lose that place in line, and your new order will be added to the queue in the order it is received.


    NO GUARANTEE ON DESIGN: We have limited amounts of each design. At this time, we can't guarantee the solid color you order, but you will be able to select the gradient/shade you'd like and any requests/comments made in the order will be fufilled to the greatest of our ability. They're all gorgeous, so think of it as our special surprise for you.


    *** SORRY, NO WHOLESALE INQUIRES: Our face masks are made by hand with quality materials made by us, the Rendered Inc. team. The unit price reflects our sustainable cost of manufacturing and direct sales, with no additional margin for wholesale distribution or discounts. We are offering the same price to all purchasers. We acknowledge that there are less expensive alternatives. We are trying to make something useful, while staying in business, so we can eventually get back to the business of selling sustainably sourced clothing!


    PLEASE BE PATIENT: Rendered Inc. is a small business with limited production capacity, and it will take a while for us to get our new production process running smoothly. We currently have limited fabric options, and the supply chain is a mess right now. We all feel a sense of urgency, and we will do our very best to make as many masks as possible without interruption, so please be patient. 


    CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE TIME: As you may or may not know, the customer service gal here at Rendered is the owner, yours truly. My name is Saba. I'm doing my very best to answer your questions and mange the factory. It will take extra time for me to respond, and I will undoubtedly miss a few DMs and emails. It's nothing personal, just a little overwhelming. Again, please be patient. Please reach out to me with any questions at Rendered.inc18@gmail.com or saba.tshibaka@gmail.com


     Thank you!

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